Dunedin, FL – October 15, 2020 – Today the City of Dunedin recognized Bon Appétit Restaurant Chef, Klaus Riedl, with an award for saving a woman’s life.

Mayor Bujalski began by saying, “We have a little story that we wanted to tell you. We have the chef here at Bon Appétit. He has been doing dual duties and has been saving lives in Dunedin, literally. He saved a woman who was in a car from going to the brink here at the marina, and we’re here to honor him.”

This recognition is a result of life-saving action Chef Riedl took a few weeks earlier. A patron of Bon Appétit experienced a seizure in the restaurant’s parking lot. Their car was in motion, making for a very dangerous environment for both the driver and others nearby. Bon Appétit’s maintenance manager, Phil Gage, noticed something wrong and ran for help. Chef Riedl immediately jumped into action by breaking the window of the car, turning it off, and monitoring the driver until paramedics arrived on the scene. Without a doubt, Chef Klaus’ ability to act without hesitation prevented a tragedy from occurring.

Mayor Julie Ward Bujalski, and Dunedin Fire Marshal Michael Handoga, presented the award to Chef Klaus Riedl reading, “In honor of your courage and lifesaving heroism.”

In closing, Mayor Bujalski said, “You know this is what Dunedin is all about. It’s community. Its giving back. And it’s taking care of our neighbors. And Klaus is the epitome of that today and we thank you so much.”

Proudly attending the recognition ceremony to honor him was Chef Riedl’s employees, his family, team members from Bon Appétit Restaurant and the owners of Bon Appétit Group, Peter Kreuziger and Karl Riedl.

About the City of Dunedin

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About Bon Appétit Restaurant

Bon Appétit Restaurant, located in Dunedin, Florida, can be found directly on the water edges and offers 180-degree views overlooking St. Joseph Sound and Caladesi Island. The menu offers an eclectic blend of European and American cuisines using simple, fresh ingredients. Bon Appétit also specializes in corporate and private events such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, and retirement parties and features a private, upstairs banquet venue with stunning waterfront views. Bon Appétit Restaurant was founded and is still operated by Peter Kreuziger and Karl Riedl. Klaus Riedl is the Executive Chef. For media inquiries, please contact Meghan Farrell at media@bonappetitgroup.com